• X-Pose Nepal does Painting Exhibition to raise fund, it has always been a powerful source of information dissemination among mass of population. So X-pose Nepal was conducting this activity since beginning. But in these days X-pose Nepal has changed its strategy, it also raised fund through painting exhibition along with raising awareness. Because, organizational sustainability has been both a tough challenge and a long-standing issue for NGOs around the world, the recent trend of NGOs mushrooming to a large extent has led to increased competition over limited resources available with donor agencies. Besides, donor funding is highly volatile, depending mostly upon the political situation of the country and policies. Further, it has been realized that dependency on foreign donor support not only reduces opportunities for local resource mobilization but also impedes upon generation innovative ideas which can ensure sustainable growth of organization.

    Looking at all these factors, it has become crucial for X-pose Nepal to involve into some serious thinking to ensure organizational sustainability. It has been realized that a huge cache of marketing opportunities exists at various level, which if planned and implemented carefully can ensure some kind of resource generation for the organization over a long-term period. With this perspective, X-pose Nepal has planned to organize painting exhibition.

    The main objective of the exhibition is:

    • To explore and initiate resource mobilization activities at local and national level for long-term organizational sustainability
    • To reduce dependency on foreign donor support and increase local opportunities for generating funds.

    Your Small help can make a lot of difference,your each Penny goes for a good cause. So, Please Help us. The collected amount goes for the help of Victims as well as to do Awareness raising programs against Sexual Abuse and exploitation.

    Bank Name: Laxmi Bank

    Branch: Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal

    Account No. : 00711002292

    Swift Code: LXBLNPKA