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  • May 1, 2017

    Interview on Radio Sagarmatha

    The sound clip of interview on radio sagarmatha with Durga Karki and chief of fund board, Bhupendra Aryal discussing the menstruation practices in Nepal. In What measures can a male help women while she is on menstruation????

    This interview discusses whether menstruation is Shame or Pride of women. It says about the Chaupadi culture of 21 districts of mid western and Far western region of Nepal, where a woman is made to stay at "COW SHED" during menstruation and sutkeri. Many people are raising their voice against this inhuman culture but still it has not stopped. Furthermore, in educated city areas also women are prohibited to enter pooja room, kitchen and cook food, sit and eat with other family members. Now, male are also raising voice against this culture. They are also doing so many activities like awareness raising, counseling to stop this culture.

    Both guest shared their experience while working in this field. They also showed the light in the importance of the sanitation and hygiene during menstruation. They also talked about the use of reusable sanitary pads during menstruation. This not only maintains the health of women but also promotes the proper disposal of sanitary pads. There should be proper way to manage the disposal of menstruation waste. Men should create awareness raising program, advocate woman to stop following this culture. Boys should encourage girls and women to dry their inner ware and sanitary napkins in sunlight so that bacteria can be killed. Only then they will be safe from infection.

    This culture can be removed from our society only when both male and female are made aware about this issue. Everyone should be encouraged to talk about the menstruation. Furthermore, menstruation knowledge should be included in the school curriculum.

    Woman goes through so much pain during her menstruation, so she must be given proper rest and nutritious food. So that she can retain her energy.

    For further information, please do listen this sound clip....